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About Us

Darlene Cover     Hello. My name is Darlene. I have lived in Amarillo 50+ years. I am a home grown girl. Judy Bonner at Dog Patch USA was the first to teach me how to groom back in 1989. I have learned plenty since.

     I do this because I love the animals. I have the BEST customers (Both Clientele and Owners)! They treat us like we are part of their family. They trust us with their babies. It’s Awesome! My favorite breed is poodles, poodle mixes, bichons.  But, I love them all.

     I want to have the best grooming salon in Amarillo. I already have the BEST bather in town. Thanks, Donna Poynor!!!

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 We Can Groom All Breeds Of Dogs!!!il_fullxfull_432705165_15ha